Paul McCartney joins lonely hearts club


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May 18, 2006

Paul McCartney and his second wife, Heather Mills McCartney, said yesterday they are separating after nearly four years of marriage, blaming intrusion from the media and insisting their split is amicable.

Rumors of a rift between Mills McCartney and the singer's children - especially Stella McCartney - have circulated for years. Talk centered on the idea that Mills McCartney - who is nearly half his age - wanted to devote more time to campaigning against land mines and fur.

McCartney, 63, and Mills, 38, married in June 2002, four years after his former wife, Linda McCartney, died of breast cancer. McCartney and Mills had a daughter, Beatrice, in October 2003.

The couple are believed not to have a prenuptial agreement. Speculation immediately arose about the size of a possible settlement, with lawyers estimating Mills McCartney's share of the former Beatle's fortune at between $188 million and $376 million.

Kidman, Urban engaged

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban will tie the knot, the country music star's publicist has confirmed. The actress broke the news to People magazine Monday after hosting a weekend gala in New York.

"He's actually my fiance. I wouldn't be bringing my boyfriend," the magazine quoted her as saying in a story posted on its Web site.

The announcement comes just weeks after Kidman told Ladies' Home Journal that she still had feelings for her ex-husband, Tom Cruise. "And I loved him. I still love him," she told the magazine for its June issue.

Urban and Kidman, both 38, were first seen together last year. Both were raised in Australia.

Smithsonian's Antarctica show

Photographer Joan Myers spent months exploring Antarctica and recording its stark beauty. An exhibit of her photos opens today at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History in Washington.

Wondrous Cold: An Antarctic Journey, will remain on display in Washington until Sept. 4.

Myers documented what life was like at the U.S. McMurdo research station, explored the interior of the continent by plane, ship, helicopter and snowmobile, photographed on a Coast Guard icebreaker, was at the South Pole, visited the Dry Valleys and was on Mount Erebus, an active volcano.

Action with Chan and Li

Jackie Chan and Jet Li, two of the biggest names in action films, plan to co-star in a new movie, a news report said. A formal announcement will be made at the Cannes Film Festival in France, the Chinese news Web site said Tuesday.

Chan and Li are still brainstorming about the plot for their first collaboration, which will begin shooting next year, the Web site said.

Trained in Peking Opera, Chan pioneered his own comedic fighting style. Li is a former martial arts national champion in China.

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