Amend rules for transfer, effective Sept. 1


May 17, 2006|By MILTON KENT

The organizations governing athletics for most of the area's boys and girls private and parochial schools have amended their eligibility and transfer rules, making them, in some cases, more stringent than rules governing some state public schools.

Effective Sept. 1, any student who transfers to a school in either the Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association or the Interscholastic Athletic Association of Maryland during the school year will have to sit out all sports for the remainder of that year. In addition, if the transferring student has played any varsity sports, he or she will miss the entire next year in those sports.

Transfers who leave a school after the year is over but before Aug. 1, will have to sit out the year, though freshmen or junior varsity athletes will be able to play without being penalized.

The only exceptions to the policy would come if the student moved more than 30 miles from his previous residence or if the school he or she was leaving were to eliminate the sport he or she was playing.

Previously, the MIAA and IAAM allowed students from public schools to transfer and play immediately, but barred transfers from within the league from playing for a year. Some public school systems bar transferring students from playing for a calendar year.

The IAAM, which governs girls, and the MIAA, which governs boys, also changed their policy on how long an athlete is eligible. Students in those leagues now may only play four total years in any sport from grades 9-12.

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