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May 14, 2006


Volcanic tremors shake Java

Thousands of people fled the fertile slopes of Mount Merapi, Indonesia's most dangerous volcano, yesterday as glowing lava oozed down the side and ash and rock spewed from the mountaintop, leading authorities to warn that an eruption could come soon. pg 16a

Iraqi malnutrition widespread

One in four Iraqi children suffers from chronic malnutrition as poor security and poverty take their toll on the youngest generation, health and aid workers said yesterday. pg 16a


REIT option for federal workers

A proposal before Congress that would add a real estate fund to federal workers' $186 billion retirement investment plan - the largest of its kind in the world - has prompted frenzied lobbying from commercial real estate interests and warnings from critics who say it is too risky. pg 1a

Zoning changes proposed

At least a half-dozen proposed changes to Baltimore's zoning code - with far-reaching implications for how neighborhoods will grow over the next several decades - are advancing in the City Council, even as some groups and council members question the timing. pg 1b


Medical crisis in New Orleans

Eight months after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, the city's medical infrastructure is in tatters, leaving many residents - particularly the poor and those who lack medical insurance - struggling for basic medical treatment. Of the city's nine hospitals, five remain closed. pg 1a

Questions follow Hayden

As head of the National Security Agency, the cerebral Gen. Michael V. Hayden was praised for his big-picture solutions to drag the agency into the Internet age. Now, Hayden hopes to embark on a similar overhaul mission at the CIA. But before he can take command, he'll face withering questions about his NSA tenure. pg 3a


Sparrows Point struggles

What was once the world's largest steel complex has less than a tenth the work force it had in 1969. Under Mittal Steel, Sparrows Point's challenge is to increase production and reduce errors, but whatever cost-efficiencies it can devise, it's never efficient enough. pg 1c


Benson propels O's to 11-1 win

Orioles starter Kris Benson allowed only one run and four hits over seven innings, and the Orioles hit four home runs in an 11-1 victory over the visiting Kansas City Royals. pg 1d


Maverick actor as cowboy

Edward Norton, the most versatile leading man of the last decade, stars in a new movie, Down in the Valley. He plays a cowpoke trying to bring a rural Western humanity and grace to the suburban San Fernando Valley. pg 1e


Charleston at festival time

The Spoleto Festival USA brings 17 days of art and music to Charleston, S.C. Most festivals concentrate on opera, chamber music, modern dance, ballet, contemporary music, theater or visual arts. Spoleto does it all. pg 1r

Quote Of the day

"This is America. You don't tell somebody, `You may have breast cancer, why don't you get on the bus - if you can find one operating, and if you've got the money for it - and go to Baton Rouge and see a doctor."

Dr. Don Erwin, medical clinic director in New Orleans Article, PG 1A

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