May 14, 2006

ISSUE: -- Preservation Howard County recently announced its annual list of the county's most endangered historic sites, ranging from Colonial-era Doughoregan Manor to the Clarksville mile marker. What historic buildings, spaces or landmarks in Howard County do you think are in danger of being overtaken by the pressures of a growing community?

Let's work to ensure preservation

I support the preservation of the historic houses and buildings on the Preservation Howard County list.

Preservation does not mean that all development must be prohibited, but that it be done in a way to preserve historic structures and their setting. As the owner of a historic house in Columbia, I know this can be done successfully.

When the Rouse Co. bought this property in the 1960s, it saved not only the house, but enough land to give it a beautiful setting. Last week, I was happy to be a stop on the Columbia Association BikeAbout. Everyone I talked to was interested in learning some local history and pleased that the area had been preserved. The general comment was "Boy, they'd never do that today!"

Let's all try to make sure it can still happen today.

Elaine Newhall Columbia

Churches are, and should be, on the list

I am delighted to see that the churches were included on the 2006 Top 10 Endangered Sites. Many of our young children are not aware of historic churches in Howard County. There is so much history found in our churches and to lose this history would be such a shame.

I believe that Preservation Howard County does an outstanding job in trying to include various properties in Howard County on its "Endangered List." Without the work being done by Preservation Howard County, many citizens would not be aware of many of these endangered sites. I have learned so much from the information shared by Preservation Howard County.

Bessie Bordenave Jessup

List should send shivers down spine

The latest "Top 10 Endangered Sites List" prepared by Preservation Howard County should send shivers down the spines of all Maryland residents. The new list includes first-time entries Doughoregan Manor, Belmont and Woodlawn Farm. As development pressure builds, these icons of our historic heritage fall prey to developer greed and governmental complicity.

I hope The Sun will vigorously shine its investigative light on these sites and keep the public informed as to the status of their individual plights.

J. William Miller Columbia

We want your opinions


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