May 14, 2006

Recalling the vote for Moe Noodleman

Your article "Just who is this Shellnut running for county sheriff?" in the May 7 edition reminded me of an incident that occurred at the newly constructed Bel Air Middle School (now Southampton) in the early 1970s.

As a reaction to the fact that students were to elect a new class president on the merits of an intercom speech instead of a live assembly, a group of eggheads - Jon West, Ed Cohen, Ed Knapton and Gordon McPhee - were inspired to create a fictional candidate, "the infamous MOE NOODLEMAN" to run for class president.

The campaign was fast and furious, consisting of posters, armbands, buttons and slogans featuring a three-fingered salute that dominated the hallways and classrooms, culminating in a trip to the principal's office for the four of us. There we sat as students pounded on lockers and chanted, "Moe! Moe! Moe!"

Needless to say, Noodleman won by a landslide, but was disqualified because he did not exist. The second runner-up became president despite having only a handful of votes. Anyone who attended Bel Air Middle during that period will remember this phenomena.

A vote for Shellnut is a vote for Moe.

Jon West Bel Air

A challenge for Sheriff Golding

I challenge Sheriff [R. Thomas] Golding to point out one example of nasty or underhanded tactics used by his opponents.

I received an e-mail of Mr. Golding's press release in the form of a chain letter. Apparently it is being sent to as many people as possible to paint his opponents in a bad light. For the many of us who know Dave Tritt, we know that there is not a nasty or underhanded bone in his body.

I am thankful that this information came out now, saving the Harford County Sheriff's Office further disgrace brought on by poor leadership. The sheriff should be ashamed of trying to blame others for his campaign's demise.

Our campaign never has and never will engage in unscrupulous behavior to "win at all cost." We will run on the issues, presenting a clear choice to voters and asking that they reject Mr. Golding's efforts to blame others for his own indiscretions.

Brian K. Powell

The writer is treasurer for the Committee to Elect Dave Tritt.

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