Top 10 county employers


Anne Arundel County is the workplace for about 196,000 people, according to the Anne Arundel Economic Development Corp.

The county's 13,293 businesses represent the gamut of sectors and industries, supplying its work force with thousands of opportunities for employment.

Anne Arundel County also has a large number of government jobs, and many of its largest employers are in education and security. Of the companies in Anne Arundel, only about 100 have more than 300 employees, according to the AAEDC.

The top four employers in the county are governmental, and the list of Anne Arundel's top 10 largest employers contains two more government employers.

According to the AAEDC, the list is topped by the National Security Agency, which employs about 16,000 people.

The NSA's presence in Anne Arundel is often unseen by residents and citizens, earning its "codebreakers" and workers their nickname of "silent sentinels," but the NSA and the agency has taken official steps to recognize the important role that the county plays in the workings of the critical agency.

Next on the list is Anne Arundel County public schools, which employs 14,310 people.

The next-largest job supplier in the county is another from the security sector: The Army's Fort Meade employs about 14,150 people, according the development corporation.

Fort Meade has the fourth-largest work force of any Army installation in the country, and it contributes nearly $4 billion to the Maryland economy, according to information from the base.

Following Fort Meade in number of employees is the state government.

With Annapolis, the state capital, inside its borders, Anne Arundel County boasts 9,524 state employees.

Northrop Grumman Corp. is the fifth-largest employer in the county and the first private-sector company on the list.

Northrop Grumman, headquartered in Los Angeles, employs 8,250 workers in Anne Arundel County. The company focuses primarily on defense electronics and telecommunications.

Anne Arundel County itself is the sixth-largest employer, with 4,111 people working to supply government services to residents.

The next private company on the list is Baltimore Washington Medical Center. Formerly known as North Arundel Hospital, the center employs 2,432 people.

The hospital, a key health care provider for the county, has just opened a state-of-the-art facility, the Maryland Vascular Center.

The county's eighth-largest employer is Southwest Airlines, which employs 2,425 people, the majority of whom work in its East Coast flight center at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport.

Ninth on the list is the Naval Academy with 2,052 employees.

Rounding out the list is Anne Arundel Health System, which employs 2,025 people.

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