You're Such A Critic


May 12, 2006


Reader Miriam Tillman, writing from UMBC, suggested this week's question: What song or piece of music will never be the same for you again after hearing it in a particular film? (The two that came to her mind are "Stuck in the Middle with You" in Reservoir Dogs, and "Singin' in the Rain" in A Clockwork Orange.)


"Tomorrow (The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow)," from Annie, is one of those songs I've never been able to stand; it had the same effect on me as fingernails on a chalkboard does for many others. Then, I saw Serial Mom and watched in awe as Kathleen Turner clubbed an annoying video renter to death with a leg of lamb in time to Annie's screeching out "Tomorrow" in the background. Now I hear that song ... and smile. Thank you, John Waters.


This might sound very chick flickish, but the song that changed my life was "Exhale" (from Waiting to Exhale) sung by Whitney "the voice" Houston. You would be surprised how many are rooting for her to get it together and use that voice to power more soundtracks. I learned from that song and Babyface that if life knocks you down, get up and exhale because if you can look up then you can get up.



Last weekend, Mission: Impossible III was tops at the box office, taking in $48 million, about $10 million less than Mission: Impossible II. And if you didn't go to see Tom Cruise in M:i:III , you could have seen him on cable or network television in his other movies - Jerry Maguire, The Firm and Collateral. Is there too much hype around Cruise, whose odd behavior, belief in Scientology and relationship with fiancee Katie Holmes continue to make headlines? Some critics say he has turned off the American public, mostly women. What do you think?

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