S. Carroll's Schaffer resigns after two seasons



Second-year coach Butch Schaffer, who led South Carroll's football team to its first state title game last fall, has resigned his position because there isn't a physical education position at the school.

"It was one of those things I feel real bad about. I just don't have any choice," said Schaffer, 33. "I wanted to be in the school and have access to the kids and be a voice for the kids. ... It's no one's fault."

Schaffer, who said he will look for a teaching and head coaching position elsewhere, is an instructor in adaptive physical education with disabled students. That role often has him rushing to get to practice, Schaffer said.

"You're always traveling, and you don't have the right amount of contact with the kids throughout the school day, and I think they deserve the extra attention," Schaffer said. "I'm definitely going to look other places, and I hope an opportunity presents itself. I love the sport, and I can't imagine myself out of it. I think I have some things to offer."


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