Roch around the clock


The Kickoff

May 08, 2006|By ROCH KUBATKO

For those of you confined to your homes, TNT is showing a Rocky marathon.

Don't worry if you're missing it. I believe the network schedules them every week.

They're up to Rocky III, where Sly probably should have cashed his last check and allowed the fighter to retire and start doing commentary for HBO - or hawking grills.

I can't wait for Rocky XXI, where he's 78 years old, switches sports and takes batting practice with Julio Franco before a game with the Las Vegas Nationals.

My favorite line comes in Rocky II, when the referee visits his corner before the 15th round and says, "Rocky, if you get in trouble one more time, I'll have to stop the fight."

One more time? Both of his eyes are shut, his nose is somewhere behind his right earlobe and he's been knocked down 57 times. And now the ref is ready to step in? What has this guy been doing the entire fight, walking Butkus?

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