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As reader Greg Murphy told us, Joe Cunningham and Red Schoendienst of the 1954 St. Louis Cardinals were the previous record-holders for longest surnames for the right side of an infield.

Any idea which Oriole had the longest surname? I suppose I could look it up, if I had my media guide handy, but I'd rather pose it as a trivia question first.

I remember watching an early-season NBA game and hearing another reporter say, "I can't believe Smush Parker is the Lakers' point guard."

After watching the first-round playoff series against the Phoenix Suns, I'd like to repeat: "I can't believe Smush Parker is the Lakers' point guard."

So are the Ravens acquiring Steve McNair or aren't they? I've read everything from a deal is minutes away from being completed, to there's no rush and McNair could remain the Titans' property until later this summer.

I'll believe it when I see it. And then I'll applaud because, in the long run, it will make Kyle Boller better.

Or it won't.

See, I can play this game, too.

In case you missed this, former WMAR sportscaster Keith Mills was sentenced Friday to nine months of house arrest for stealing prescription medication.

If any of you have gotten the chance to meet Mills, you'll agree that he's truly one of the good guys in the business, with local roots that run deep, and we should all hope that he eventually receives another chance after losing his job at WMAR. But only when he's ready for it.

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