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May 07, 2006

ISSUE: -- County Councilman Robert G. Cassilly, a member of the Army Reserve who was called up in February for active duty in Iraq, notified his council colleagues that he has decided not to give up his seat before the fall election. In a recent e-mail, the Republican said he is concerned that a replacement might swing the vote on important issues away from his liking.

Some council members criticized the decision, saying it leaves Bel Air citizens without a voice and could lead to more deadlocked votes. In Cassilly's absence, the council is operating with six members and has cast 3-3 votes on two key votes in recent weeks. What is your opinion of Cassilly's decision?

Appreciate Cassilly's sacrifice

Councilman Cassilly is faithfully serving the people of District C and every Harford County citizen. He is our soldier, our councilman and a hero.

His stand keeps from power someone who would certainly fall in line with the vultures scheming for his seat.

Only bottom-feeders criticize and scavenge their own such as this.

As a voter, I find these actions petty, shameful and yet another example of why it's time for a change.

I appreciate your sacrifice, Mr. Cassilly, and the sacrifice of your family. I support your decision not to resign and pray for your safe return. I ask that all veterans and voters of Harford County do the same.

Kevin Kane, USAF (1997-2001) The writer is an Abingdon resident and a Republican candidate for the District B seat on the County Council.

We want your opinions


On Thursday, Sheriff R. Thomas Golding announced that he is ending his campaign to seek election to another term, citing frustration with "underhanded tactics" used by detractors and political opponents to discredit him.

Golding's decision came in the wake of a complaint that his staff has been intimidating employees into supporting his campaign, as well as other accusations of misconduct and complaints of morale problems within the agency.

The sheriff's withdrawal from the race is the latest example of the turbulence that has occurred during election campaigns and is characteristic of a system in which the county's top law enforcement official is an elected position. In the past, such instances have sparked discussion over whether the sheriff should be appointed instead of elected.


Should the job of sheriff of Harford County continue to be an elected position? Tell us what you think. Send e-mail responses by Thursday to harford.speakout@baltsun.com. A selection of responses will be published next Sunday. Please keep your responses short and include your name, address and telephone number. Addresses and phone numbers will not be published.

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