May 06, 2006

O's fans have had enough of Angelos

This week, Peter Angelos personally assured Sam Perlozzo of his financial commitment to improve the team if it remained in contention by July 31. Is this the biggest joke of all time? Had he been interested in winning games this year, Mr. Angelos would already have taken the necessary steps to do so.

Whatever happened to the improved starting pitching that we have needed for years? As it currently stands, the Orioles' five-man rotation consists of five pitchers, none of whom is better than a No. 4 starter.

Mr. Angelos, aka Mr. Disingenuous, played us fans for fools once again over the winter, as he promised everything and delivered nothing. His No. 1 sycophant, Mike Flanagan, tows the company line in characterizing this team as a legitimate threat to the Yankees, Red Sox and Blue Jays.

And if that's not bad enough, we get to hear the ultimate toady, Jim Hunter, inform us on a daily basis how incredibly talented this team is.

As the losing drones on and becomes old, the fans' frustration level has increased dramatically. If anything positive has emerged, it's that the fans have finally surmised that Mr. Angelos has neither the intention nor the good baseball sense to get this team back on track.

Morton D. Marcus


Preston gives Savage too much credit

Mike Preston's column on Sunday ["What did Savage know about Ngata?"] was ridiculous.

He reports that Cleveland Browns general manger Phil Savage, when asked about Haloti Ngata, the Ravens' first-round draft pick, "started to answer the question, but then stopped abruptly, and started talking about something else."

Wow. Based on that, Preston is all shook up? Does he think there's some mysterious injury out there that only Savage and the Browns know about? Do the Ravens have a history of drafting injured players?

Maybe Savage likes playing games in front of the right audience. Perhaps he has an ax to grind.

Why does Preston worship Savage? Has Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome done something to him?

I've never seen a guy who wasn't in charge get all the credit like Savage did when he was here.

Martin M. Phillips


Pro wrestling deserves coverage

I am writing in response to Keith DiNardo's letter on April 22 in which he talks about Sun editor Kevin Eck's participation in a professional wrestling event ["Pro wrestling article belongs elsewhere"].

Mr. DiNardo states that "more coverage was devoted to Eck's fantasy than was devoted to NCAA wrestling all year by The Sun."

In response, I say that more people care about sports entertainment (pro wrestling) than they do about amateur wrestling in this state.

Bryan Levenson

Ellicott City

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