Roch around the clock


May 05, 2006|By ROCH KUBATKO

It figures that Rick Bauer would get the win Wednesday night. With the current state of the Orioles' bullpen, he'd be a welcome addition. Or so you'd believe. But just remember how many times they ran him out there in past years, and he never could hold a major league job. Not as a starter or reliever. He was just too inconsistent, too hittable. And each time he'd get demoted, he grew more agitated with the organization and lit a few matches. Bridges do eventually burn.

It was time for Bauer to move on. Like many players, a change of scenery probably will do him good.

Finding the silver linings in a loss, how about Daniel Cabrera walking only two in seven innings? I know his pitch count wasn't ideal, but only two walks? I guess we can stop coming up with nicknames for him. Personally, I was going with Walkeen Andujar (based on the former St. Louis Cardinals pitcher).

Nothing? I hear crickets chirping. Never mind, then.

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