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The Horse You Came In On

Fells Point is notorious for providing a plethora of party spots for every night of the week. The Horse You Came In On Saloon is no exception. This bar has a great atmosphere for kicking back and chilling out with good friends and great tunes.

Where --1626 Thames St.

Web site

Call --410-327-8111

Notable --Drink all you want for $10 every Thursday night. The place is packed, and the music's loud. Oddly, there are at least four bouncers for a club that really doesn't even need one. The Horse is longer than it is wide and therefore leaves little room to get your groove on near the band. But, most customers don't seem to mind, as they're happy to dance anywhere.

Vibe --Good times all around. Give a smile, and get one in return. Bad attitude? Don't bother coming to this bar.

What to wear --Be cool and casual. No need to dress spiffy, but showing up in gym sweats could warrant a few sideways glances.

Crowd --Mostly early 20s, speckled with a few older folks and some amiable out-of-towners.

Music --Coming artists include Ed & Frank, Tony Sciuto, Shaunna Bolton, Rob Fahey and Alan Has Radar.

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