With winds low, regatta woes high

Tactical mistakes abound on calm Day 2



If conditions were near-perfect for the first day of the Lands' End National Offshore One Design regatta, the second day was a little less so.

Sailors hoping to make a move in the standings yesterday found less wind to fill their sails just below the Bay Bridge. That made the current, nasty on Friday, seem even more pronounced, bedeviling many crews and causing tactical mistakes.

The day started with winds at 8 to 10 knots and lumpy seas, but by afternoon the breezes died to half that, forcing race officials to end several competitions after two races and one after just one race.

"It was a fight. Everybody was just fighting to finish both races," said David Taylor, helmsman of the J/24 Midmorning Buzz, which is 14th in the 21-boat fleet.

The midpoint of the regatta is what racers call "moving day," the time to rise from the middle of the pack or fall from contention. In 11 of the 18 classes, the top three boats started the day separated by one or two points, meaning higher risk-taking by skippers and tacticians.

"It was hard for everybody in the dying breeze," said Vince Brun, crewman aboard Festina, which maintained its third-place overall standing in the Etchells fleet. "Very difficult tactics and very difficult for the helmsmen with the waves and the weekend [boat] traffic."


Alberg 30 (seven entries, three races): Rolph Townsend, Severna Park, Skybird, (3 points); Timothy Williams, Arnold, LinGin (7); C.B. Currier, Annapolis, Infinity (8).

Beneteau 36.7 (15 entries, six races): Garth Hichens, Annapolis, Seahorse (20 points); Jim Keen, Solomons, Foxtrot Gorpen (22); Charles Bayer, Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich., Grizzly (23).

C&C 115 (six entries, six races): Scott Dodge, Hanover, Infringer (6 points); Daniel Gourash, Rocky River, Ohio, Blue Dog (16); Richard Griner, Tracy's Landing, Coyote (18).

C&C 99 (seven entries, six races): Heidi and Dan Bay, West River, Wildfire (10 points); Nathan Gorenstein, Wilmington, Del., Rag Trade (12); Thomas Neel, Fairfax, Va., Sailient (22).

Cal 25 (14 entries, three races): Bill Natter, Annapolis, Solitaire (7 points); David Hoyt, no town, Zephyr (9); Charles Huser, Annapolis, Fahrvergnugen (11).

Catalina 27 (10 entries, three races): Tom Walsh, Lake Shore, Four Little Ducks (5 points); John Ebell, Annapolis, Hi Tide (6); Carl Engel, Rosedale, RedRum (8).

Etchells (18 entries, five races): Buddy Cribb, West Palm Beach, Fla., Victory (17 points); Jud Smith, Severna Park, Sail No. 1007 (21); Jay Hansen, Orange, Conn., Festina (25).

J/105 (36 entries, six races): Thomas Coates, San Francisco, Masquerade (16 points); Jim Konigsberg, Fairfax, Va., Inigo (30); Jack Biddle, Chevy Chase, Rum Puppy (30).

J/22 (39 entries, five races): Greg Fisher, Arnold, NA (26 points); Peter McChesney, Annapolis, Palmer Legal Services (26); Not Registered, no town, Sail No. 1542 (30).

J/24 (21 entries, five races): Paul Van Ravenswaay, Annapolis, Millennium Falcon (16 points); Peter Rich, no town, Show Dog (20); Michael Datch, Annapolis, Meltemi (20).

J/29 (eight entries, six races): John Esposito, Mohegan Lake, N.Y, Hustler (6 points); John and Linda Edwards, California, Rhumb Punch (14); Rob Mairs, Edgewater, Mighty Puffin (20).

J/30 (12 entries, six races): Bob Rutsch, Chevy Chase, Bebop (10 points); Larry Christy, Annapolis, Big Kahuna (20); Bob Putnam, Annapolis, Better Mousetrap (25).

J/35 (nine entries, six races): James Sagerholm, Annapolis, Aunt Jean (13 points); Peter Scheidt, Highland, Maggie (14); Ted Lepich, Annapolis, Tiamat (21).

Melges 24 (17 entries, six races): Chuck Holzman, Detroit, Mich., Flyer (11 points); Geoff Ewenson, Annapolis, Bling Bling (15); Eric Nerlinger, Chicago, Inside Voice (23).

Mumm 30 (16 entries, six races): Thomas Ritter, Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Tramp (19 points); John Podmajersky, Chicago, Illusion (23); Dan Cheresh, Holland, Mich., Team Krav Maga (26).

S2 7.9 (14 entries, three races): Bob Fleck, Alexandria, Va., Horizon (5 points); Denny Manrique, Tonka Bay, Minn., Island Flyer (7); David Flechsig, Port Charlotte, Fla., Rooster Tail (10).

S2 9.1 (seven entries, six races): John Stefancik, Severna Park, Hurricane Kelley (10 points); Gordon Latrobe, Baltimore, Still A Gorilla (13); Barry Moss, Bethesda, Fast Company (16).

Star (23 entries, five races): Henry Filter, Stevensville, Any Given Sunday (10); Hans Fogl, Toronto, Landed Immigrant, (17); Jock Kohlhas, Miami, Fla., Sail No. 8043 (24).


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