Limits on water use set to start tomorrow

April 30, 2006

Howard County residents and business owners served by the public water system will be restricted to an odd/even use of outdoor water starting tomorrow and continuing through Sept. 1.

The repair of a major water main in Baltimore County is necessitating the action, according to James M. Irvin, Howard County's public works director.

The 54-inch water main in southwestern Baltimore County delivers a significant amount of drinking water to Howard County and to part of Baltimore and Anne Arundel counties.

The main is to be shut down during the repair, which is expected to take up to a year. The restrictions are deemed important to maintain adequate water supply and fire protection during the summer.

From tomorrow through Sept. 1, residents and businesses with even-numbered street addresses will be allowed to use water for outdoor purposes only on even-numbered calendar days; odd-numbered street addresses are to use water outdoors only on odd-numbered days.

When the restrictions apply to your side of the street, uses such as watering lawns, washing paved surfaces, use of automatic watering devices for gardening, ornamentation or power-washing are prohibited.

Use of water for noncommercial washing or cleaning of mobile equipment is prohibited. Filling swimming pools (unless newly constructed or repaired) is prohibited. Hand-held containers and hoses with automatic shutoffs can be used only between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. and must be personally supervised.

The Howard County police will issue warnings; repeat violations will be reviewed for possible legal action. To report noncompliance: 410-313-2200.

Anyone who feels that the water restrictions impose extraordinary hardship can apply for a waiver. Call Robert Beringer at 410-313-4900.

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