Bill Ordine's Mock Draft


Team Targets Strategy

1. Texans OT, LB, DE Houston made the surprising move last night of signing DE Mario Williams, which could have a dramatic impact on the top of the first round. Just days ago, USC running back Reggie Bush was the consensus choice to go No. 1 but things had gotten messy for him, including a controversy over the San Diego house that his family had lived in. Pick: DE Mario Williams, North Carolina State.

2. Saints LB, OL, TE Do the Saints want Bush or not? If they don't, will some team be willing to pay the steep price it would take to get him? The likely partner in a trade would be the New York Jets. However, trade interest in Bush has not been overwheming. By default ... Pick: RB Reggie Bush, USC.

3. Titans QB, LB, RB Right from Hollywood, former USC QB Matt Leinart is reunited with his old mentor, offensive coordinator Norm Chow. Titans coach Jeff Fisher is also an ex-Trojan. There's debate in the Titans camp between Leinart and Texas QB Vince Young. Pick: QB Matt Leinart, USC.

4. Jets OL, QB, RB In the absence of a trade for Bush, Jets draftniks would want a quarterback - but they're getting an offensive left tackle. Considering QB Chad Pennington's injury history, keeping the quarterback in one piece is a priority. Pick: OT D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Virginia.

5. Packers OL, LB, WR The Packers could have a tough choice between Ohio State LB A.J. Hawk and Maryland TE Vernon Davis. This should be the classic intersection of need and availability and the need is at linebacker. Pick: LB A.J. Hawk, Ohio State.

6. 49ers CB, OL, DE Getting second-year quarterback Alex Smith a reliable tight end that can be a partner in the offense for the long haul just makes sense. Think Steelers' duo QB Ben Roethlisberger and TE Heath Miller. Pick: TE Vernon Davis, Maryland.

7. Raiders LB, DB, QB Al Davis is still enamored with the vertical passing game and Young is not the ideal guy for that offense. But Davis also loves athleticism. In the absence of a trade down that can still land Vanderbilt's Jay Cutler ... Pick: QB Vince Young, Texas.

8. Bills OL, WR, DL Bills need help on both lines and the two best defensive tackles should still be available when they pick. But defensive back Michael Huff gives a team great flexibility being able to play both corner and safety. Pick: DB Michael Huff, Texas.

9. Lions DB, LB, OL That sound of "Doh!" was Lions president Matt Millen, who would love to have Huff. Okay, Plan B for the Lions is FS Jason Allen - and get ready for the criticism that Millen made another draft-day reach. Pick: FS Jason Allen, Tennessee.

10. Cards OL, DB, TE The Cardinals have some of the most potent offensive skill players in the league but need to give oft-battered QB Kurt Warner some protection on the back side. Pick: OT Winston Justice, USC.

11. Rams DL, LB, TE The Rams addressed the defensive line in free agency, but age is a factor and depth and fresh legs are needed. DT Brodrick Bunkley, projected as a top-10 pick by some, would offer value here. Pick: DT Broderick Bunkley, Florida State

12. Browns LB, DL, OL Edge rushers are at a premium and after Mario Williams, teams will be projecting to find them. A couple of hybrids - tall, rangy linemen with good speed, like Kamerion Wimbley - are attracting attention. Pick: DE-OLB Kamerion Wimbley, Florida State

13. Ravens DT, S, RB The cheer that just went up would be coming from the Ravens' draft war room. Baltimore needs a space-eating DT to allow its linebackers, particular Ray Lewis, to make plays and the best one is still left. Pick: DT Haloti Ngata, Oregon.

14. Eagles DT, WR, RB With the Terrell Owens traveling show having moved to Dallas, the Eagles are in need of a top-flight wide receiver. This is a shallow draft for wideouts but the best one will be available. Pick: WR Chad Jackson, Florida

15. Broncos WR, TE, DE The Broncos also could use a wide receiver and although the Eagles will have snatched the speedy Jackson, Denver will say the guy they got was the one they wanted. Pick: WR Santonio Holmes, Ohio State

16. Dolphins WR, S, CB This is a draft deep in defensive backs and the Dolphins need help in the secondary. The better safeties will probably be gone but blue-chip corners will still be on the board. Pick: CB Tye Hill, Clemson.

17. Vikings LB, WR, QB Linebacker will be a priority for the Vikings but they have four more picks in the first three rounds so they can wait. Without having to trade up, they wind up with their quarterback of the future. Pick: QB Jay Cutler, Vanderbilt

18. Cowboys S, OL, NT Coach Bill Parcells loves linebackers and there should be some good ones left with varying strong points. It's just a matter of who is highest on the Cowboys' draft board. Pick: LB Chad Greenway, Iowa.

19. Chargers WR, OL, DL This would be a great pick to trade. It's unlikely that any player here will be immediate help for the Chargers and they could add depth with a couple of lower choices. Pick: CB Jimmy Williams, Virginia Tech.

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