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April 26, 2006|By ROCH KUBATKO

A reader alerted us that the San Diego Padres released Walter Young from their Triple-A Portland affiliate.

Let's see, the Pirates gave up on him, the Orioles did the same, and now the Padres have cut him loose. Maybe we built him up a little too much. As if he needed to be super-sized.

I still don't see the harm in keeping him on a Triple-A roster, or Double-A if that's what he needed. But can this many teams be wrong?

It doesn't sound like many female readers of this blog are too upset with Keith Hernandez's comments Saturday night about the Padres' massage therapist. I'm wondering if the Mets and Padres overreacted to it.

In case there's any confusion over my stance - and I won't keep changing it like Cal Ripken - I have no problem with a woman being in the dugout if she's a head trainer, assistant trainer or backup catcher. I just think a massage therapist is a bit much. And looking at the rules, it sounds like the Padres might have stretched them a bit, but nobody is coming down on them because Hernandez's mouth proved to be quite a distraction from the real issue.

As for the Melvin Mora rumors, both sides are very close to a deal, I'm told. But nothing is final just yet. Neither side has signed off on the proposal, and Mora would have to take a physical for insurance purposes. That part would be a formality, but it's a requirement.

I would expect a formal announcement when the team returns home this weekend. Wouldn't that be the perfect time?

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