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April 26, 2006


This month, Del. Terry R. Gilleland Jr. was acquitted of drunken driving and four related charges even though state police said that a Breathalyzer test measured his blood-alcohol level at 0.17 percent; Gilleland had admitted to drinking six beers.

A primary reason: At trial, the Anne Arundel County state's attorney's office couldn't produce the two county police officers who reportedly found Gilleland, a Glen Burnie Republican, wandering into traffic in the early-morning hours of July 13 after his car crashed. The officers turned Gilleland over to state police, authorities said.

Defense attorneys and prosecutors say that unwitnessed crashes involving allegedly intoxicated drivers are sometimes hard to win -- even in cases that appear to be clear-cut.


Should the officers' absence have been a linchpin of the case? And should the case against Gilleland have been dismissed?

Tell us what you think at arundel.speakout@baltsun.com by tomorrow. Please keep your responses short, and include your name, address and phone number. A selection will be published Sunday.

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