Other Notable Deaths


April 24, 2006

Ed Davis, 89, the tough-talking former Los Angeles police chief who led the department during its shootout with the Symbionese Liberation Army and the arrest of Charles Manson, died Saturday of complications from pneumonia at a hospital in San Luis Obispo, Calif.

Mr. Davis rose through the ranks of the Los Angeles Police Department from patrol officer to chief from 1969 to 1978. Under his watch as chief, crime in the city decreased by 1 percent, while it rose elsewhere.

In 1972 Mr. Davis suggested reinstating the death penalty in California to punish airline hijackers. "I recommend we have a portable gallows, and after we have the death penalty back in, we conduct a rapid trial for a hijacker out there and hang him with due process out there at the airport," he said. The proposal earned him the nickname "Hang 'Em High Ed."

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