A yacht takes to the Air



With the Volvo Ocean Race yachts in town for a few weeks, we photographers are expecting to see quite a few photo assignments related to the event.

On Wednesday, reporter Annie Linskey filed an assignment to photograph one of the support people traveling with the Spanish vessel Movistar, one of the racing boats being overhauled at the Port Covington Marine Center. The center, which is headquarters for the yachts during their stopover in Baltimore, is open to the public.

While making a portrait of the Movistar's logistics manager, Eleanor Mordaunt, I couldn't help being distracted by another of the massive vessels, the Dutch yacht ABN Amro One.

The boat was on a lift 15 feet in the air, being cleaned by a crew on scissor-lifts using pressure washers.

The yacht looked like the belly of an aircraft - with the exception of the uniquely shaped and colored keel that extended to the ground.

The spray of the water, the shape of the boat, its reflection in the water standing on the dock and the sun's position in the sky provided some very graphic elements that resulted in an interesting picture.

Photographing from under the vessel with a brand new and very expensive lens was somewhat concerning, but the guys with the hoses were aware of my presence and gave warning when water was directed my way.


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