April 22, 2006

Pro wrestling article belongs elsewhere

The Sun has reached a new low with its prominent coverage in the Sports section of Kevin Eck fulfilling his fantasy in an event that is not even a sport ["Bumping up: A longtime pro wrestling fan finds getting into the ring to be an exhilarating (and painful) experience," Monday].

First, the article belonged in the Today section with the rest of the entertainment news, not in the Sports section.

Second, more coverage was devoted to Eck's fantasy than was devoted to NCAA wrestling all year by The Sun.

It's ridiculous that real athletes are ignored in favor of Eck's idiotic venture.

Keith DiNardo


O's stance on Mora proves mystifying

I just don't understand the Orioles' reasoning for not signing third baseman Melvin Mora to a long-term contract.

He has been a solid player and a good citizen in Baltimore. Mora also has reduced his monetary demands to the Orioles, and the Orioles have not budged at all.

The Orioles should just meet him halfway. He is worth it. You don't find quality players and people like him every day.

Does Peter Angelos need to win every one of his battles?

Phil Bauer

Bel Air

Ravens would be wise to select Marcus Vick

The Ravens are masterful drafters, and they have potential for demonstrating their brilliance in later rounds this year given their league-leading number of compensatory picks.

That said, they should take Marcus Vick in the fourth round.

Vick is one of the most physically gifted athletes available, he has equal amounts of poise and emotion, and he throws better than his accomplished older brother.

His draft stock is clearly diminished and his maturity is questionable, but the Ravens are possibly the most capable team of managing and growing through the issues of morally questionable players.

Adding a talent like Marcus Vick will enable the Ravens to sign a tremendous prospect with little downside (a three-year contract for a fourth-round selection will not be prohibitively expensive if he never produces).

Ultimately, the Ravens stand to gain a gifted quarterback both as a passer and a leader if they choose wisely during the draft's second day.

Mark Weingram

Owings Mills

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