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The Kickoff

April 21, 2006|By ROCH KUBATKO

Chris Ray says he's sticking with Marilyn Manson's "Sweet Dreams" for his entry music. Yes, I actually checked on this. It's been a slow day.

Manager Sam Perlozzo stuck with the same lineup because he figured the guys earned it after scoring 18 runs Wednesday night. Don't expect it to continue in New York. If nothing else, Nick Markakis has to be introduced to the Bleacher Creatures. That'll make you grow up in a hurry.

You haven't lived until you've stood out there and been showered with profanities - and small appliances. Brady Anderson used to love the verbal abuse. At least they were clever with their insults. He couldn't say the same about the fans in Chicago, and once called out a guy for being unable to come up with anything better.

Melvin Mora still hasn't forgotten that I linked him with Tony Batista in a recent blog entry. He broke out Batista's stance again yesterday as I stood outside the clubhouse and said, "Where's the guy with the camera?"

I requested that he use the stance just once yesterday, maybe in the first inning. He said that he might perform Batista's strange ritual at third base after the first pitch, the one where the former Oriole would raise his arms above his head and stagger back as if trying to locate a popup, but it didn't happen.

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