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April 19, 2006


Anne Arundel County school officials have removed the top two administrators of Chesapeake Science Point Charter School in Hanover, reassigned three teachers and completed an investigation of management and operating procedures.

Some say Chesapeake's stumbles illustrate the pitfalls of starting a charter school from scratch and might point to the need for changes in state law and more scrutiny of applications. Charter school advocates say the situation points to the need for greater autonomy, public funding of building needs and better guidance for those starting charters. At least one expert has said it typically takes time for charter schools to get on their feet.


Are changes needed in the way Maryland authorizes and deals with charter schools. If so, what kinds of changes?

Tell us what you think at arundel.speakout@baltsun.com by tomorrow. Please keep your responses short and include your name, address and phone number. A selection will be published Sunday.

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