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Which food Web sites do you find most useful?

The Internet is a rich source of culinary information. Here are five sites I consult regularly:

Hormel Food Glossary:

Hormel, one of the country's leading producers of meat and meat products (Spam, for example), features an improbably sophisticated food glossary on its Web site.

The Cook's Thesaurus:

The great strength of this extensive food dictionary is that everything is illustrated with color photographs.

Joy of Baking:

Quite often, an Internet search for some baking term leads me to Stephanie Jaworski's homey, informative site. Along with good recipes is a wealth of information on substitutions and conversions as well as clear explanations of technique.

Food Measurement Conversion Calculator:

The Food Measurement Conversion Calculator converts both within the American and metric systems (how many teaspoons in a cup; how many grams in a kilogram) and between them (fluid ounces to milliliters; ounces to grams).

The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR):

I refer regularly to Title 21, which pertains to food and drugs. Using the Code of Federal Regulations' search tool, you can access all the Food and Drug Administration's standards of identity, i.e. how the government defines every food.

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