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April 16, 2006


Questions over Dixon's conduct

City Council President Sheila Dixon, who defended her support of the Frankford Estates development as good for the city because it brought market-rate homes to depressed East Baltimore, failed to disclose that the deal was also good for a minority subcontractor on the project that had hired her sister Janice as a full-time manager. pg 1a

Fundraising season opens

When the gavels slammed down in Annapolis last week to close the legislative session, they also marked the beginning of a statewide money marathon. With Maryland's election seven months away, dozens of political fundraisers are scheduled. pg 1b


Iraqi leaders deadlocked

Iraqi leaders worked yesterday to solve the impasse over who will rule the country, with a secular coalition proposing an emergency government that would supersede election results and Shiite clerics conferring on how best to preserve their sect's newfound power. pg 14a

47 killed in Afghan battle

Security forces backed by U.S.-led coalition helicopters attacked a suspected Taliban hideout in southeastern Afghanistan, sparking an intense battle that killed 41 rebels and six police, a senior official said yesterday. pg 15a


Academia looks to industry

A contentious financial deal between Johns Hopkins Medicine and an upscale cosmetics company is the latest high-profile example of an academic research institution turning to industry in an era of stagnating federal research funds. pg 1a

Arms supply lacks safeguards

U.S. officials are doling out millions of dollars in arms and ammunition to Iraqi police without required safeguards, according to an internal State Department review. American law bans assistance to foreign security forces engaged in human-rights violations. pg 13a


Critics find market vulnerable

Under deregulation, BGE and other utilities must buy their electricity from competitive wholesale suppliers. But critics say the power market may be vulnerable to market manipulation by power generators, which could withhold power supplies at key times and artificially drive up prices. pg 1c


Orioles win third in row, 3-2

Erik Bedard pitched eight strong innings to earn his third victory, as the Orioles turned a three-run fifth inning into a 3-2 victory over the visiting Los Angeles Angels. The Orioles have won three straight games, all by one run. pg 1d


Hidden story of science's elite

From World War II through Vietnam to the war on terror, one tiny, ultra-elite group of scientists known as the Jasons has shaped them all. A new book by Ann Finkbeiner explores the organization. pg 1e

Quote Of the day

"A lot of people are assuming the African-American voters are gone. That's not true. The black vote is going to kick Nagin to the curb."

Ruby Ducre-Gethers of New Orleans, on Mayor Ray Nagin's chances in city elections Article, PG 3A

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