April 16, 2006

Divide among GOP spreads

There is a divide in the Carroll County Republican Party.

In 2002, Commissioners Julia Gouge, Dean Minnich and Perry Jones ran as Republicans concerned about local issues like congested roads, overcrowded schools and preserving our rural quality of life.

They won against a slate of candidates representing the Carroll County "GOB" - good old boys. The voters saw that the candidates telling us they were the "real" Republicans seemed mostly real interested in business as usual for big developers.

Now this battle has moved to state elections. We have the "GOB" incumbents like Senator Larry Haines, Delegate Nancy Stocksdale and Delegate Tanya Shewell.

Senator Haines is known in Annapolis as an elected lobbyist for the real estate industry. For years, Delegate Nancy Stocksdale has done little more than follow Senator Haines' lead on every issue.

Last year she tried to explain her flip-flop on slots as the result of being "tired." Tired? What exactly has Delegate Stocksdale done in the State Legislature this year or last that would leave her so exhausted?

Delegate Shewell has stayed busy with initiatives like getting the government involved in pre-marital counseling. We face ever increasing state taxes and a staggering increase in our power bills. Our kids are stuck in temporary classrooms and we are stuck in traffic. Our senior citizens and young workers can't find affordable housing and we get what - a bill on pre-marital counseling?

The current commissioners, Mayor Haven Shoemaker and Board of Education member Scott Stone represent decades of public service in and for our county and its communities.

These leaders are bona fide conservatives and they have a much longer list of accomplishments than our current state senator and delegates. Some may wonder about who is more conservative; there is no doubt in my mind who is more competent.

Joe Zynel Hampstead

We must demand control of borders

The problem of illegal immigrants crossing our borders has been in the news lately, but I haven't heard or seen much of what is the most dangerous part of this serious problem.

That is the plan to implement the unconstitutional Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) to merge the United States with Mexico and Canada and make the borders completely open.

This means our country would lose completely its sovereignty and we would be like the European Union and would be ruled by the United Nations.

President Bush and his open borders allies in Congress (in both parties) have been teaming up with the powerful labor and corporate cohorts to push through a legislative package that would finish the devastation to our economy, social fabric and security that the recent decades of uncontrolled immigration have already accomplished.

However, this nefarious plan can be defeated if enough patriots demand that their elected officials take back control of our borders.

Contact your U.S. senators and representatives and tell them to take a stand against amnesty for illegals, and force President Bush to provide the 2,000 more border guards he promised.

Ruth Shriver Westminster

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