Little luxuries: New divas try to dream big

April 16, 2006|By SUSAN REIMER

IT'S BEEN IN THE NEWS LATELY that rock stars and politicians are in the habit of letting hotels and limo services and concert people know what they want waiting for them when they arrive.

Among the revelations, many of which first appeared on the Web site, are that Bruce Springsteen wants raw oats, whey powder and nonfat soy milk in his dressing room, while Paul McCartney specifies what toilet paper he wants.

Eminem wants a Ping-Pong table, Britney Spears wants Pop-Tarts, Marilyn Manson wants a litter box and President Bush wants the TV on Air Force One turned to ESPN.

Dick Cheney wants decaffeinated coffee brewing in his hotel room, several cans of Diet Sprite and the TV turned to Fox News. John Kerry won't eat tomato-based products but he'll have extra garlic in his chicken Caesar salad.

I don't travel much, but all of this got my friend Betsy and me to thinking about what we'd like to have waiting for us when we arrived at our hotel destination.

"A Hershey bar on the pillow," Betsy said without missing a beat. But I told her to expand her thinking.

"If you could have anything waiting for you after a long day traveling, what would it be? Get creative here," I said.

"A supply of Hershey bars," she said.

The whole idea offended her, she said. "What is worse than knowing what people eat when they are alone in a hotel room?"

How about 21 vases of roses, I suggested.

"How about no big mirrors?" she countered.

Clearly, this is a tough daydream for us regular people. I would ask for Bruce Springsteen to be waiting in my room, but I don't know what whey powder is.

"We aren't used to it," said Betsy. "We have no concept of pampering because we've never experienced it. We don't even know what to ask for."

Someone to screen our calls so the kids can't bug us, I suggested.

A gym and a pool on the same floor as your room so you don't have to walk through the lobby dripping wet, she added.

A chenille bathrobe and an endless loop of Law & Order episodes on the TV in the room. Real cream to go with your morning coffee, not that powdered stuff.

"A guy to show me where the Internet connection is," said Betsy.

"How about a cute guy to show you where the Internet connection is?" I said.

Betsy added tequila and Krispy Kreme donuts. And I suggested two tickets to a Broadway play, even if you are not staying in a New York hotel.

No fruit baskets, we agreed.

We were both quiet for the next few minutes, pondering the limits to our imagination, I think.

Apparently there is a lot more to being a diva than either of us thought.

"Did I say Hershey bars?" Betsy asked.


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