You're Such A Critic


April 14, 2006


We've all seen our share of lousy remakes recently, films that missed the wit, the magic or even the whole point of an original movie (Alfie, Sabrina, Psycho, Mr. Deeds, Fun with Dick and Jane). Some (uhh ... House of Wax) didn't even try. Then came the less-than-expert English translations of thrilling foreign films like, for example, La Femme Nikita (see: Point of No Return).

And, yet, sometimes remaking a movie flat works, as the past year's celebrated take on the classic King Kong proves.

So, we wonder, what is the secret to faithfully translating a classic film to a new audience? And what old favorites would you like to see remade the right way?

Please e-mail your thoughts in a brief note with your name, city and daytime phone number (and "Such a Critic" in the memo field) to We'll publish the best answers we receive.

FOR THE RECORD - A photo caption with the You're Such a Critic column in the Movies Today section yesterday misidentified Anthony Perkins, the original Norman Bates in 1960's Psycho, as Anthony Hopkins.
The Sun regrets the error.

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