The Monitor

April 13, 2006


What's the point? -- Co-workers say the darndest things. This site compiles some of the funniest, dumbest and just plain weirdest comments ever picked up by an eavesdropper (or just by folks innocently sitting in their cubicles or in meetings). The site launched in January 2005 and has archived all reported comments since then. Beware: The statements might have been said at work, but that doesn't necessarily mean the language is safe for work.

What to look for --If you overhear something ludicrous you would like to share, you can file a report to the site. You must submit it with your full name and an e-mail address, though these won't be shared with the public. Your workplace's address will be, however. So keep that in mind before sending off your boss' latest ridiculous statement, especially if you were the only one who heard it.

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