Kislings welcomes Sunday afternoon flip cup party

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April 13, 2006|By SAM SESSA

Five hours of flip cup can turn a lazy Sunday afternoon upside down.

At Kislings Tavern & Grill's weekly flip cup parties, people pack into the upstairs bar to play the college drinking game all afternoon. Last week, the party began at about 2 p.m. and ran in full force until about 7 p.m.

To prepare, the Kislings staff lays paper tablecloths and plywood planks on top of the three pool tables upstairs. Last Sunday, flip cup teams claimed two of the tables and left the middle one for beer pongers.

Baltimore Sports and Social Club members come to the Canton tavern after games (last week it was two-hand touch football), still in their colored team shirts. It's their event, but anyone's invited to join in. Sunday, 25-year-old Chris Merchant came from Annapolis for flip cup and joined the Black Team, aka Ryan's Hair Club.

Now in their mid-20s, most of the flip cuppers learned how to play in college and see these half-day fests as a throwback to a simpler time - back before the 9-to-5s.

"It's the highlight of our afternoon," said Black Team member Jackie LaFleur, a 24-year-old who lives in the city.

Flip cup makes beer pong look like a thinking man's drinking game. It's best played with eight or more people, split into two teams and lined up around a table, one team on each side.

Each person fills up a plastic cup about an eighth of the way with beer. One starter is picked from each team - usually the two people at one end of the table.

These two face each other, clink their cups together, touch the bottom of the cups to the table and chug the beer in one swift motion. Then, they turn the cups upside down so the rims hang slightly off the edge of the table, and try to flip the cups back over with their fingers.

Sometimes it takes a few tries. As soon as the first player gets his cup right-side up, the next teammate in line starts chugging. It relays like this down the table, and the team that finishes first wins.

Brad Bode, a 28-year-old from Brewer's Hill, led the Maroon Team against the Black Team, cheering and egging his mates on with lines such as "Hercules! Hercules!" and "That's how we roll!"

Camaraderie ran high all day between BSSC members and their friends. A couple times, almost half the people in the room burst into song - Sunday afternoon debauchery at its finest.

Kislings Tavern & Grill is at 2100 Fleet St. Call 410-327-5477.

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