PBS' `Rx': just what the doctor ordered

An inspirational story of Hopkins researcher whose work has saved thousands

TV Preview


From Grey's Anatomy (ABC) to House (Fox), there is certainly no shortage of engaging medical drama on television. But such fictional storytelling pales compared to the true-life saga PBS offers tonight of a Johns Hopkins doctor who has spent most of his career saving children's lives in the Third World with inexpensive doses of vitamin A.

Rx for Survival -- The Heroes, which is narrated by Brad Pitt and premieres at 9 tonight on Maryland Public Television (Channels 22 and 67), opens with the inspirational story of Dr. Alfred Sommer of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

An Rx for television viewers: Don't miss it -- particularly if you think medicine has more to do with making money than it does curing the ill these days. This unadorned but moving chronicle of Sommer's work in Nepal and Indonesia -- as well as his research at Hopkins -- is a reminder of the healing art's better angels.

On TV Rx for Survival -- The Heroes airs at 9 tonight on MPT (Channels 22 and 67).

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