In `world' series, Guillen likes MLB

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April 11, 2006

The World Baseball Classic may be fading from our memory, but we can't let it pass without one last bit of commentary.

Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen said his team's World Series victory doesn't mean it is world champion anymore. No, that would be World Baseball Classic champ Japan, "because they're the last one to win."

Does that mean that Guillen is impressed, though? Not exactly.

"Now the Japanese people think they're good," Guillen said. "Nah, they're not that good. Sorry. The [Classic] win was by the team that was prepared best. Japan and Cuba were better prepared than anyone else. They had more time to practice. The team was together a long time, and the Cuban team knew it was going to play in the World Classic. But those two teams, they're not that good. They have maybe a couple players who are OK, but they play 162 games at this [major league] level, they might win 20 games. ...

"They think they're good. They're great, they play good baseball, fundamental baseball. They play great for one week, two weeks. But if they come over here, we'll kick their [butt]. They play 162 games here in any division, they'll finish last. I don't want Fidel [Castro] to get cocky. ... They're not that good."

Good to see Guillen speaking his mind, but he's probably a little late on the Castro cockiness thing.

Dissenting view

A gentleman from the Wichita Falls Times Record News -- let Mr. Flip interject here by saying maybe it should consider adding Post Star Dispatch Chronicle to its name -- bemoans how celebrity has mixed with sports. Let him have his say:

"Oh, how I long for the days when there was a clear line of demarcation between the sports page and Entertainment Tonight," Stephen C. Smith Sr. wrote.

"... After reading a sports story about Anna Benson [wife of Orioles pitcher Kris Benson] and the apparent withdrawal of her recent petition for divorce, I began to ask myself, `Why do I even know who Anna Benson is?'

"Not to trivialize anyone's marital discord, but why does it have to play itself out in the sports pages, especially since Mrs. Benson won't be pitching any games for the Orioles this season?"

A couple of notes from Mr. Flip on this. One, the news about the Bensons' divorce/non-divorce appeared in The Sun's Today section. Two, do you think Anna Benson is pleased that folks in Wichita Falls know who she is?

Compiled from wire and Web reports by Mr. Flip, who isn't even sure he's known in Arbutus, much less Wichita Falls.

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