The Kickoff

April 11, 2006

Good morning --Phil Mickelson-- Seven more majors to go and you'll catch Tiger.



Stuart Sternberg

New Tampa Bay Devil Rays owner, on what his reaction would be to a 15-game winning streak

"I saw [where my locker was this season] and I just said, `Oh my God.' But hey, it's good. I like to be close to famous people."

Armando Benitez

San Francisco Giants reliever, on having the locker closest to Barry Bonds'

[ From wire and Web reports]


Do you feel cheated that you're not able to see Washington Nationals games on TV?

Comcast and Peter Angelos demand and get socialist monopolies because millions aren't enough for them. They want billions. Consumer interests? Fan interests? Do you think they care?

Joe Roman



Should Nick Markakis be in the Orioles' lineup every day?

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