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April 10, 2006


March targets immigration

In a boisterous prelude to rallies planned nationwide today, thousands of immigrant rights supporters marched through San Diego demanding comprehensive immigration reform. A rally in Dallas drew 350,000 to 500,000 people, and thousands gathered in Minnesota and Iowa. Pro-immigrant rights groups plan to stage similar rallies today in more than 120 cities, from Atlanta to Los Angeles. The biggest is expected to be in Washington, where organizers hope to draw 200,000. pg 3a


U.S. dampens idea of Iran strike

The White House sought yesterday to dampen the idea of a U.S. military strike on Iran, saying the U.S. is conducting normal defense and intelligence planning as President Bush seeks a diplomatic solution to Tehran's suspected nuclear weapons program. Administration officials from President Bush on down have left open the possibility of a military response if Iran does not end its nuclear ambitions. Several reports published yesterday said the administration was studying options for military strikes. pg 3a

Peruvians vote for president

Deeply polarized Peruvians voted yesterday in presidential elections that could either tilt the country leftward toward Venezuela's Hugo Chavez or maintain free-market policies that have generated some of Latin America's strongest economic growth. pg 12a

Crisis in Nepal grows deeper

The crisis in Nepal deepened yesterday as angry crowds demanding the restoration of democracy took to the streets across this Himalayan nation in defiance of a daytime curfew, throwing stones at security forces and burning government offices. With King Gyanendra and his swelling opposition refusing to back down, the situation appeared to be reaching its most volatile point since he seized absolute power more than a year ago. pg 9a


Final day of General Assembly

With just hours to go before they adjourn for the year, Maryland legislators will be working today to find a solution to the pending 72 percent rate increases for BGE customers. They will also decide on other issues, including whether to override several of Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.'s vetoes. pg 1a

Police fail to return warrants

Baltimore police officers have riled some city judges by consistently failing to submit lists of property seized during searches. In response to a complaint by the administrative judge of the Baltimore District Court, police officials said they have developed new approaches in an effort to ensure that proper warrant procedure is being followed. pg 1b


Mickelson takes Masters

Phil Mickelson captured his second straight major by winning the Masters by two strokes over Tim Clark. The victory earned Mickelson his second green jacket in three years. pg 1d

Red Sox sweep Orioles

The Orioles endured their fourth straight loss, a 4-1 defeat to Boston before 37,998 at Camden Yards that completed a three-game Red Sox sweep. pg 1d


Birder helps unearth species

A lifelong bird lover, Baltimore naturalist Bruce Beehler found a little piece of heaven in Papau New Guinea. There on a field trip, he helped document previously undiscovered bird, insect and plant species. pg 1c


"If we don't get it done, we're in unchartered territory, and that's a scary place to be in in an election year."

Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. on efforts to strike a deal between lawmakers and constellation engery on electric rate increases.

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