Favre still undecided on return to playing


April 09, 2006

There's only one sport Brett Favre definitively can say he's still playing: golf.

Football? Well, that's the big question the Green Bay Packers quarterback still can't answer. Not when he isn't sure if he wants to risk another losing season, and he wonders whether his team improved enough this offseason to justify coming back for one more year.

"I'd like to say I think we are better, but I don't know if we are," Favre said yesterday at his charity golf tournament in Tunica, Miss. "I don't make those decisions, never asked to. ... I know when we signed Reggie White [in 1993], we knew we were going to be better right away.

"We have to make a statement again," he added.

Favre, 36, the NFL's only three-time Most Valuable Player (1995 through 1997), said football is "in my blood."

He insisted he has not made up his mind, is not withholding his decision and will notify the Packers once it is reached.

There was widespread speculation that, finally, that time had arrived. Favre called a news conference, as he does every year, at the site of his golf tournament - this year, at a casino in the Mississippi Delta some 400 miles across the state from his hometown of Kiln. A spokeswoman for his family said a "scoop" was expected. Instead, Favre spent about 15 minutes discussing his indecision - and his golf game.

"The fact that we're sitting here today at this press conference, to me, is a joke because I don't have anything to tell you," Favre said. "Somebody assumed that I would."

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