Knife locks in a fan



Confession: The first week with a new knife or multi-tool leaves me lacerated. Others may be able to open and close the blades with their index finger and thumb as deftly as a surgeon, but I am more likely to need one as I try to cleanly unfurl my weapon of choice.

Wenger NA, maker of the Swiss Army Knife, has felt my pain and answered my pitiful and painful moans with the EVOlution "S" series that comes with a locking blade.

The S52, perfect for a glove box, tackle box or backpack, has a 2.5-inch blade, a wood saw, adjustable pliers and all the other tools for fixing stuff and being a genial picnic host. It weighs a shade over 4 ounces.

The blade mechanism has a click-stop at the halfway open or closed position so that the user can make sure fingers are out of the way before continuing.

The locking system is available on a dozen models, and prices range from $32 to $65. They carry a limited lifetime warranty against nasty stuff, which is more than I can say for my fingers.

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