Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

April 09, 2006

Fort Smallwood once played key role

It was touching to read the personal reminisces in Julie Scharper's story on Anne Arundel County's efforts to revitalize Fort Smallwood.

I remember a time in the early 1970s when Fort Smallwood served as an oasis for inner-city developmentally disabled children. For several summers, Fort Smallwood was the home for the Baltimore Bureau of Recreation's Camp Variety.

The camp was bumped around to various locales over the years, including the old Camp Milldale in Baltimore County, the grounds of Fort Holabird and even Northwestern High School. While the dedicated counselors and program specialists did all they could to make the experience fun and educational for the campers, the Fort Smallwood site offered a genuine getaway and respite from hot city sidewalks and streets.

Hopefully, Fort Smallwood's rejuvenation and future will offer opportunities to blend its lovely setting with such important programming for children in need.

Judith Sachwald Bowie

Ruling over 911 call is despicable

Anne Arundel County has no obligation to protect and serve its citizens and the police force has no duty to assist a victim of a crime unless they have actually agreed to help, even when they have witnessed it.

This is the ruling made March 17 by U.S. District Court Judge Marvin J. Garbis in response to a lawsuit over a botched 911 call where a 26-year-old pharmacist was kidnapped, robbed and murdered in 2001.

Anne Arundel County residents should be alarmed and troubled because this is beyond unacceptable. A U.S. District Court judge has ruled that the government has no responsibility to protect us.

In Anne Arundel County just hope you don't run into a violent criminal because there is no one to protect you.

Bryan Baucom Severn

Developers fail to reveal loyalties

Your job of picking a fair representation of letters to the editor must be a little bit like dodging bullets when you get letters from business entities masquerading as altruistic groups looking to serve the public good, as you did last week. You had a Mr. John S. Pantelides from Annapolis responding to the magnet school issue at Meade High School. He has been identified in the past as a lobbyist representing a group of builders and developers - if not, he should have been.

What makes him so able to speak to the issue of getting people from all over Anne Arundel County to commit their children to the hare-brained idea hatched, unbeknownst to anybody, by County Executive Janet S. Owens?

Ms. Owens and the development community go out of their way to tell us what they say is in our best interest, only they forget to say they would be making monetary gains, skipping out, and not be required to face the consequences.

Gregory Mellon Linthicum

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