Letters to the editor

April 09, 2006

Delegate faulted over schools funding

When I read Justin Fenton's article "School Funding Request Rebuked," I was appalled and embarrassed that my representative and opponent to the Maryland House of Delegates, Joanne Parrott, failed, yet again, to secure additional funds for Harford County Public Schools.

School construction funding is an annual free-for-all in Annapolis. The parents and children of Harford County must depend on our elected representatives to watch out for us.

Harford County is one of the fastest growing counties in the State. Additionally, thousands of new jobs and families are on their way as a result of the BRAC decisions impact on Aberdeen Proving Ground.

When an additional $91 million is handed out for school construction, Harford County should be near the top of the list of recipients. As a former fifth-grade teacher, I understand the need for less-crowded school. It's too bad our elected representative to the House of Delegates doesn't. If Delegate Parrott is not going to fight for Harford County students, who is?

Donna Stifler

The writer is a candidate for the District 35A seat in the House of Delegates

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