Anti-mowing manifesto


April 09, 2006|By TED KOOSER

Thousands of Americans fret over the appearance of their lawns - spraying, aerating, grooming - but here Grace Bauer finds good reasons to resist the impulse to tame what's wild: the white of clover blossoms under a streetlight, the possibility of finding the hidden, lucky, four-leafed rarity.

"Against Lawn"

The midnight streetlight illuminating the white of clover assures me I am right not to manicure my patch of grass into a dull carpet of uniform green, but to allow whatever will to take over. Somewhere in that lace lies luck, though I may never swoop down to find it. Three, too, is an auspicious number. And this seeing a reminder to avoid too much taming of what, even here, wants to be wild.

Ted Kooser is U.S. poet laureate. Reprinted from the literary journal Lake Effect, Volume 8, Spring 2004 by permission of the author. Copyright 2004 by Grace Bauer.

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