Stipend delayed for city coaches

High Schools


Coaches in the Baltimore City public high schools did not receive their monthly stipends as expected yesterday because of a paperwork glitch in the office of city coordinator of athletics Bob Wade.

Thursday night at 8:21, Wade e-mailed athletic directors informing them that coaches would not receive their stipends.

The e-mail message, obtained by The Sun, stated " ... the I.A. [Interscholastic Athletics] Office misinterpreted the date to submit the spring coaches' payroll," and Wade went on to apologize for the delay.

"It was an honest mistake," said Vanessa C. Pyatt, city schools spokeswoman. "The payroll was prepared and submitted, but it was not submitted in time for this week's paycheck."

Ruth Jackson, an assistant in Wade's office for 25 years, prepared the payroll before she left to have knee surgery. She gave "specific instructions," said Pyatt, including the date for submitting the payroll, but it was not submitted in time.

In January 2004, Jackson's transfer from Wade's office, led to a paperwork crisis that held up paychecks for coaches, athletic directors and basketball officials for more than a month. Once Jackson returned to Wade's office, the backlog of more than $187,000 was quickly paid out.

Pyatt said what happened yesterday was nothing like the 2004 crisis. She said coaches would receive their stipends in their April 21 paychecks.

The spring season began March 1. Coaches were scheduled to receive the first of three monthly stipends of about $1,000 yesterday, the day before the 10-day spring break.

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