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April 07, 2006


Victor Corces, a professor in the biology department at the Johns Hopkins University's Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, has been named a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor.

Corces is one of 20 research scientists at 18 universities across the country to be selected for the honor, which includes a $1 million grant to fund programs that inspire undergraduates in the sciences.

He will spearhead a program called Research Internship and Science Education, which aims to increase the number of students from disadvantaged backgrounds studying biology. Promising students from Baltimore City public schools will work in Corces' lab full time in the summer and part-time during the school year.

Dr. Robert C. Gallo, founder and director of the Institute of Human Virology, at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and a co-discoverer of the human immunodeficiency virus, will receive the Severo Ochoa Award on Tuesday for his work in HIV/AIDS.

The award, named after the first Hispanic American to win a Nobel Prize in medicine, is given to a distinguished scientist who is dedicated to eradicating HIV/AIDS in minority communities.

Gallo discovered the first human retrovirus and his team provided the first results to show that HIV was the cause of AIDS.


Dr. Gilbert Burnham, a professor of internation al health at the Johns Hop kins Bloomberg School of Public Health, has received a $2 million grant from the Agency for International Development to strengthen the capacity of public health schools in East Af rica.

Burnham will lead the ini tiative during the next five years with partners from Tulane University School of Public Health and the George Washington Uni versity School of Public Policy and Public Adminis tration. The goal of the ini tiative is to create and sus tain a network of trained public health profession als to provide leadership to the region.


Pam Durbin, a clinical documentation specialist for Carroll Hospital Cen ter in Westminster, has been chosen to speak at the Maryland State Health In formation Management Convention on May 11 at the Baltimore Convention Center.

Durbin will be part of a panel of three clinical documentation specialists discussing the role of their profession and how changes to the diagnostic grouping system used by the Health Services Cost Re view Commission will im pact acute care hospitals in Maryland.


Hayat Nesheiwat, nurse manager for the ortho paedic outpatient depart ment of Johns Hopkins Bay view Medical Center, has been elected director of the executive board of the National Association of Orthopaedic Nursing.

Nesheiwat, who lives in Bal timore County, has been working at Johns Hopkins Bayview since 2001. She was president of the Baltimore chapter of NAON from 2004-2005. The nonprofit volunteer organization aims to enhance the ca reers of orthopaedic nurses.

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