Pressing its Luck

'Slevin' gets points for style and sass, but takes far too many plot turns

review c+


Lucky Number Slevin features lots of cool dialogue but doesn't provide much of a movie in which to showcase it. The result is likely to leave audiences feeling as though they've been taken for a ride.

There are things to like about this movie - some good performances, enjoyable plot twists, unique (if a bit too quirky) characters - but hardly enough to leave one wanting more. By the time the credits roll, Lucky Number Slevin has worn out its welcome.

The trouble starts early, with a way-too-self-consciously impenetrable opening in which Bruce Willis, in a wheelchair, rolls up to a guy and, unprompted, starts talking about something called a "Kansas City shuffle," a con artist's move in which the mark's attention is directed one way while the action's happening in the other.

Lucky Number Slevin (MGM) Starring Josh Hartnett, Bruce Willis, Lucy Liu. Directed by Paul McGuigan. Rated R. Time 110 minutes.

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