`Season' offers bird's-eye view of teenage life

Review A


Two adolescent friends, trading affectionate vulgarities, play violent video games under the aliases "Bush" and "bin Laden" (the latter, naturally, being the nom de guerre of choice). Their teenage neighbor barges in to bake herself a birthday cake. And the pizza guy is there long enough to deliver his entire life's history/philosophy, while just hoping to get paid.

Summing up Duck Season is a simple enough affair but hardly does justice to this ironic, carefully crafted comedy, the latest indication that Mexican cinema is in one of its spasmodic periods of renaissance.

Duck Season (Warner Independent Pictures) Starring Daniel Miranda, Diego Catano, Danny Perea, Enrique Arreola. Directed by Fernando Eimbcke. Rated R. Time 85 minutes. In Spanish with English subtitles.

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