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April 06, 2006


Hussein's cross-examination

Bombarded with questions during the first cross-examination in his trial, Saddam Hussein admitted that he had signed an order of execution for 148 men and boys with only a cursory glance at the evidence. pg 14a

Video claims to show dead pilot

Gunmen shouting "God is great" dragged the burning body of what they said was a U.S. pilot in a video posted on the Web by a new al-Qaida-affiliated group that claimed it shot down an Apache helicopter last weekend. pg 15a


Federal aid may be in jeopardy

The Bush administration is warning that $171 million in federal aid to Maryland could be in jeopardy if the General Assembly blocks a state attempt to take over 11 failing Baltimore schools. pg 1a

Minority subcontracting law

City spending board actions on lawn-mowing and janitorial contracts prompt allegations of selective enforcement of Baltimore's minority subcontracting law. pg 1b


House backs donation limits

The House voted to limit the multimillion-dollar donations to nonprofit groups that changed the face of American politics in the 2004 presidential election. pg 3a

9/11 recording to be played

The cockpit recorder tape from the Sept. 11 jetliner that crashed in Pennsylvania will be played in public for the first time -- to Zacarias Moussaoui's sentencing jury -- the judge in the case ruled. pg 6a








S&P -- UP






Visicu IPO is year's 2nd-best

Visicu Inc., a Baltimore company that develops remote monitoring systems for intensive care units, began life as a public company yesterday with the year's second-most-successful debut, as its shares rose 54.9 percent from their opening price. pg 1d

Ex-AmeriDebt workers arrested

Three former employees of AmeriDebt's New York office were arrested this week after being indicted for mail fraud conspiracy in a broader investigation by the FBI and U.S. postal inspectors into the credit counseling industry. pg 1d


Duke lacrosse coach resigns

Duke men's lacrosse coach Mike Pressler resigned and the school canceled the rest of the season amid a scandal that escalated with the release of more disturbing information about players' behavior during and after an off-campus party in which an exotic dancer was allegedly raped. pg 1a

USOC honors swimmer Hoff

The U.S. Olympic Committee names Katie Hoff, 16, of Towson its SportsWoman of the Year. Hoff won three gold medals at the 2005 FINA World Championships in Montreal. pg 1e


Belafonte, boldly

At a time when many celebrities treat the news of the day like a political minefield, Harry Belafonte remains unrestrained and unabashed, answering only to his conscience. pg 1c


"So help me God, there are so many of us my age and older that would lay down with our last breath and make our bodies a bridge just so you could walk across and finish doing that job."

U.S. Senate candidate Kweisi Mfume, imploring a group of mostly young, well-heeled African-Americans at a campaign fundraiser to continue the civil rights journey begun by their parents' generation Article, PG 1B

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