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We'd like recommendations for the most romantic restaurants in Paris where we can take our kids to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. What about the restaurant in the Eiffel Tower?

Le Jules Verne restaurant, on the second level of the Eiffel Tower, has more than just great views. It earned a one-star rating from the Michelin Guide and gets relatively high marks from survey participants in the Zagat Survey ( - the classic French cuisine was called "magnifique" by one. But it's not cheap: You can expect to pay about 107 euros per person (that's $127) for dinner.

The views are still pretty good from the Eiffel's first-floor restaurant, Altitude 95, which is considerably less expensive than Le Jules Verne and might be more kid-friendly. But the food didn't get high marks from Zagat - "decent," one former customer said of the French cuisine. If you choose either restaurant, reserve a table at least two weeks in advance.

Others getting good marks from Zagat (and which your children might like): Brasserie Lipp (its waiters have big mustaches and long aprons) and Cafe Marly, which offers a view overlooking the I.M. Pei pyramid entrance to the Louvre. The food at Lipp was rated "good to very good," with 17 out of 30 possible points; Marly scored "fair to good," with 15.

One thing to remember: Some Parisian restaurants allow smoking, so ask before you sit down or make a reservation.

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