All right, Cordish, here's your notice


April 02, 2006|By LAURA VOZZELLA

From the we-think-you-owe-us school of public relations: The Cordish Co. tacked this message on to a news release about plans for Bethel AME's Easter Sunday gospel service at the Pier VI Pavilion: "Given The Sun's prior interest in Pier VI, we would hope that it finds this equally newsworthy."

The paper's implicitly unseemly "prior interest"? Reporting back in January that Cordish had won the right to revamp the city-owned concert venue with a proposal that gives 10 percent of the profits to the politically connected church. "The church does not have to do anything or pay anything for its 10 percent," Reed Cordish told The Sun at the time.

It seems Cordish has put the Rev. Frank Reid to work after all. The Bethel AME pastor is quoted right there in the press release, promoting the holiday service, whose theme is, "Resurrection 2006: Are you ready for your Extreme Miracle Makeover?"

Says Reid: "You won't want to miss this life-changing experience!"

The heart knows its reasons

A messy, Baltimore-related romance hasn't caused this much political fallout since Edward VIII gave up the British throne to marry Charm City divorcee Wallis Simpson.

The Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal came to light, in part, because of a Baltimore native scorned, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday. Emily Miller reportedly helped prosecutors get the goods on Michael Scanlon, her one-time fiance and fellow press aide to Rep. Tom DeLay, after Scanlon dropped her for a younger woman.

Be careful -- she's got a knife

A lady on her way to a liquor board hearing in Baltimore had to surrender the small Swiss army knife on her key chain to the police officer at City Hall's metal detector.

"He told me that it would have to be put into the trash can in order for me to proceed into the building," she later wrote in a letter of complaint to Mayor Martin O'Malley. "I willingly complied with the rule. What annoyed me was that upon my leaving the building, that same officer would not allow me to go into the trash to retrieve the implement."

The mayor wrote back, saying he'd forward the woman's complaint to the police department, since they handle security. Councilman Keiffer Mitchell, who was copied on her letter, also replied.

"While I regret your loss of the knife, please appreciate that the rules exist to protect the citizens of Baltimore, as well as protect our public servants (your son)," he wrote to Nannette K. Mitchell.

You do the hokey-pokey, and you turn yourself around

There's a time to sow, a time to reap and, maybe just maybe, a time to aggregate residential electricity purchases.

Last year proved not to be the time for such a move, which would allow homeowners to band together and buy electricity in bulk. After lobbying from the energy industry, a bill to permit it couldn't even muster the seven votes needed to get out of a Senate committee. This year, with electric bills about to soar, 36 of Maryland's 47 senators have signed on as co-sponsors.

"It's the same bill," marvels David Carey, vice president of the Maryland Municipal League and a Bel Air town commissioner. He pushed for the measure last year, but gave it up for lost after that.

Connect the dots

World figure skating champ Kimmie Meissner throws out the Opening Day pitch tomorrow- in Philly. The sons of longtime bullpen coach Elrod Hendricks will do the honors in Baltimore. ... After 37 years on the job, Johns Hopkins poly-sci Professor Matthew Crenson has finally ordered business cards. He says the development office made him do it since he's trying to raise money for a scholarship program for Baltimore public high school grads. ... And you thought Republican Senate hopeful Daniel Vovak was crazy for wearing that white Colonial wig. He announced the other day that he had hired a psychic to curse his primary rival, Lt. Gov. Michael Steele. ... Kevin Liles, the Warner Music Group executive who recently had a street renamed for him in his native Baltimore, has donated $4,000 to Mayor Martin O'Malley's campaign. ... Unbiased review of House Democratic leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi's recent performance on PBS' NewsHour: "She was magnificent," says big brother and former Baltimore Mayor Thomas D'Alesandro III.

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