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Women love men who know how to dress well.

Here in Baltimore, men seem to have a style of their own. Their athletic wear, casual wear and business attire have a certain look. I would call it urban freestyle with a hint of color.

And it's good to see a man who can be what I call homeboy chic one day - comfortable in jeans, a designer shirt and Timberlands - and ready for the office the next day - in a tie, suit and shoes that are trendy but classic.

As the saying goes, what you wear can become your style, your calling card or trademark.

A man who knows how to coordinate is a man who makes a statement about his whole existence. He's also that more attractive to women.

So in today's UniSun, we hope to give some men a few tips on what's fashion-forward in Baltimore.

Writer Ericka Blount Danois got a little help from some fashionable men and a few designers for her stories that will give you an idea of what items in a man's wardrobe can make an outfit.

For one man, it's the tie he wears. For another, it's the shoes on his feet. And for another, the total ensemble must be in harmony with his personality, the event he is attending or the occasion that he is celebrating.

In addition to fashion, in this edition of UniSun you'll meet a Baltimore native who stars in Oprah Winfrey's Broadway presentation of The Color Purple. J. Wynn Rousuck writes about this Baltimore School for the Arts graduate.

Summer vacation isn't far away. Or maybe you have a vacation in mind for the spring. You should check out the story about Las Vegas and how you can enjoy Sin City, Afrocentric style.

On a more serious side, Joe Burris writes about a woman who started a business because she wanted others to understand diversity and raising biracial children.

For those of you who like to examine history and art, take a look at a story by Celia Peters about a museum curator's close look at what is believed to be the first public monument to depict an African-American.

In a Q&A by writer Chris Kaltenbach, Sanaa Lathan, star of the movie Something New, reveals something new about her love for acting - in a different setting.



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