Roch around the clock


March 31, 2006|By ROCH KUBATKO

Jeff Conine was wearing his World Series ring from 2003 yesterday, the one issued by the Florida Marlins that's roughly the size of a cell phone. When held above his head, I believe it actually picks up XM radio.

"Oh my God, is that legal?" one player asked.

"I thought it was a paperweight," said another.

"It's not real," Conine replied. "I had it made up."

Someone else asked, "Is that your graduation ring?"

"Yes," Conine said. "Class of '84."

Kevin Millar grabbed his 2004 ring from the Boston Red Sox, and it was one-third the size of Conine's. The 2003 model also dwarfed Conine's 1997 ring from the Marlins. Conine said the 2003 ring weighs three times as much as the other.

Once he's back home, he uses it as a license plate.

Millar asked Jay Gibbons whether he brought his Cal State ring. Nice little dig.

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