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March 31, 2006











Report notes weak port security

Serious weaknesses in port security programs continue to hamper U.S. efforts to detect potential threats in the millions of cargo containers that enter the country each year, according to report detailing a three-year Senate investigation. pg 1a


Assembly backs BGE veto bill

The General Assembly approved a bill yesterday that would give the legislature veto power over the proposed merger between the corporate parent of Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. and a Florida utility. pg 1a

Delay of school takeover sought

The General Assembly is poised today to approve a one-year moratorium on a proposed state takeover of 11 city schools. pg 1a

Md. unemployment drops

Maryland's unemployment rate dropped to 3.5 percent last month, the lowest since 2000, the federal government reported yesterday. pg 1e


Jill Carroll released unharmed

The quaking woman in the black abaya had tears in her eyes and spoke English - the first sign to a startled receptionist that this visitor was different than the usual grieving widow or mother. But when she finally managed to explain, in broken Arabic, that she was Jill Carroll, it was not grief but a rare outburst of joy she sparked. pg 1a


Steroids study gets backing

Baseball commissioner Bud Selig said that he has given former Democratic Sen. George J. Mitchell of Maine "complete autonomy" in a study of steroid usage in baseball. pg 5f


An instinct for acting

Starlets of a certain age used to mellow into more sedate roles or vanish from the screen. Sharon Stone is one actress reversing that trend. pg 3c

Quote Of the day

"They never hit me. They never even threatened to hit me. I'm just happy to be free and want to be with my family."

Reporter Jill Carroll on her Iraqi captors

Article, PG 1A

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Spring into yardwork

What kind of lawn man are you? Whether you're the kind who keeps the yard carefully manicured or you're the basic mow-and-go guy, it's time to think about the grass on your side of the fence.

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Teen music scene

Technology allows today's teenage garage bands to make podcasts, record their own CDs, design and sell their own merchandise, and perform in a growing number of venues that welcome the under-21 crowd.

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